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Capabilities Overview

At IDEX Health & Science we believe that waste in a fluidic system runs deeper than leaks, clogs, or dead volume. It is reagent waste, sample loss, false results, and under–performance of the instrument. So, how do we—together—eliminate waste to increase performance through higher–level fluidics?


IDEX Health & Science offers you the world’s broadest portfolio of precision engineered fluidics, plus a deep and experienced team of fluid specialists (more than 100 scientists and engineers) to expand your capability and increase your efficiency.

We provide you with the full benefit of every problem we have already solved for every customer to drive out fluidic waste in the most demanding environments. World class technology, products, and experience: Optimized Fluidics.

Our unique combination of product and systems expertise combined with outstanding customer service and rapid innovation will shorten your equipment development cycle and provide a superior total cost for your next-generation fluidic platform.




Case Study

In a co- development partnership, IDEX Health & Science helped its customer design an integrated sub-system using a Sapphire™ precision dispense pump, a Rheodyne® valve, and a Systec® degasser — wiring and tubing was also consolidated in the system. The partnership enabled the customer to focus on their core competency, the instrument’s chemistry, while we focused on optimizing the fluidic path — the result — a micro fluidic unit with a shortened development time for a quicker time to market.