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IDEX Health & Science offers a variety of fluidic products and complete solutions for the biotechnology industry to help improve time-to-market and reduce total cost-of-ownership.

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Rheodyne TitanEZ

The Rheodyne TitanEZ™ valves provide OEMs with a long-life, zero maintenance, low cost solution for low-pressure instruments. These valves combine ceramic-on-ceramic sealing surfaces in a unique design that can be manifold mounted or used as a stand-alone valve. The TitanEZ is designed for use in low-pressure applications that demand long lifetimes, making it an ideal solution for IVD and biotech applications.

Sapphire Engineering V-Series Pumps

The Sapphire Engineering V-Series Pumps are a selection of positive displacement pumps providing exceptional dispensing precision with long life.

Systec Mini Vacuum Degassing Chamber

The Systec Mini Vacuum Degassing Chamber is designed to be easy to prime, and is configured with a Systec® AF degassing membrane (tubing) and a chemically inert, metal free flow path. The Systec® AF tubing provides maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume.

9000-1000 Capillary.

9000-1006 Analytical.

9000-1009 Analytical.

9000-1184 Analytical/GPC.


Instrument Design Resource

Instrument Design Resource
This new book contains 56 pages of valuable product information and engineering resources.
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Rheodyne TitanEZ Data Sheet

Sapphire Engineering V-Series Pumps Data Sheet

Systec Mini Vacuum Degassing Chamber Data Sheet