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IDEX Health & Science designs, develops, and manufactures liquid subassemblies and precision components for a wide range of applications requiring precise control and measurement. We specialize in component integration that results in innovative and optimized OEM fluidic systems.

Total solutions

We’re here to simplify the complex process of fluidic product development. Our instrument design specialists and materials experts collaborate closely with your engineers to:

  • Develop complete solutions for your liquid-handling applications
  • Design highly specialized components for your instrumentation requirements
  • Handle your high-precision machining, molding, and extrusion needs
  • Engineer solutions using high-performance thermoplastics, ultrahard ceramics, metals, and other specialty materials
  • Create innovative products
  • Reduce costs by combining multiple fluidic operations in one assembly
  • Improve time-to-market

IDEX Health & Science is part of the IDEX Corporation, and is committed to long-term partnerships and uncompromising quality. With our global family of brands, we can offer a broad range of fluidic technology resources to meet your product development needs.

Explore our brands

We invite you to click on the links below to learn more about the IDEX Health & Science family of fluidic products and components.

Eastern Plastics™ manifolds - Bristol, Connecticut, est. 1960
Eastern Plastics OEM parts and custom manifolds are designed for medical devices and diagnostics, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor/electronics, and other markets where complex, highly specialized plastic parts are required.
ERC gas liquid separations and detection products - Saitama, Japan
ERC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of gas liquid separations and detection products.
Ismatec® peristaltic pumps - Oak Harbor, WA, est. 1971 in Glattbrugg, Switzerland
Ismatec peristaltic pumps are state-of-the art, high-accuracy peristaltic pumps for analytical and clinical laboratories, as well as for a broader range of industries where sterile fluids, live cells, or aggressive fluids are involved. Other Ismatec products include valveless and multiple piston pumps, pump tubing, and HPLC and sample preparation components.
Isolation Technologies HPLC columns - Middleboro, Massachusetts, est. 1993
Isolation Technologies product line consists of customized, advanced HPLC columns and hardware for the pharmaceutical, biotech, proteomics, food and beverage, environmental, and petrochemical markets.  
Rheodyne® high- and low-pressure valves - Rohnert Park, California, est. 1976
Rheodyne precision automated sample injection and high- and low-pressure fluidic valves are designed for HPLC, LC-MS, and other analytical instrumentation.  
Sapphire Engineering™ dispense pumps, HPLC pump components, and flow cells - Middleboro, Massachusetts, est. 1900
Sapphire Engineering precision dispense pumps and other custom fluidic analyical and diagnostic components are designed for applications in the life sciences market.
Systec® degassers and debubblers - Rohnert Park, California, est. 1971
Systec high-performance, chemically inert, OEM degassing systems a ideal for applications that require rigorous precision in the chemical instrumentation and semiconductor market. 
Upchurch Scientific® fittings and tubing - Oak Harbor, Washington, est. 1975
Upchurch Scientific high-quality fluid-transfer components consists of all the various connection and fluid-control components that are critical to the success of any instrument that requires precision liquid transfer. Components include nuts, ferrules, unions, adapters, tubing, filters, frits, back-pressure regulators, in-line check and relief valves, HPLC and UHPLC column accessories, and more.

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For ultrapure chemical pumps and heaters, gas management systems and components, or optical filters, please visit IDEX Health & Science's sister companies at the links listed below.

Gast® air motors, compressors, and vacuum generators - Benton Harbor, Michigan, est. 1921
Gast designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of quality air-moving products, including vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, vacuum generators, and regenerative blowers. For more than 80 years, Gast has developed solutions for tough application challenges in laboratory, medical, environmental, agricultural, and industrial applications.
Jun-Air® ultra-quiet clean air compressors - Norresundby, Denmark, est. 1958
For 50 years Jun-Air has produced energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, quiet air compressors. Jun-Air specializes in custom-designed, user-friendly, low maintenance compressors for laboratories as well as for medical/health, dental, and industrial applications.
Micropump® gear and micro-annular gear pumps - Vancouver, Washington, est. 1960
Micropump designs miniature, sealless, low-flow positive displacement pumps, and is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology – the “leak-free” pumping solution – and is a leading innovator in OEM industrial pump applications where precise fluid control is required.
Semrock® fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, and laser systems - Rochester, NY, est. 2000
Semrock manufactures a high volume of quality optical filters of proven reliability that have set the standard for biotech and analytical instrumentation applications. All of Semrock’s optical filters are made with hard Ion Beam Sputtered coatings. These coatings will not degrade, be sensitive to humidity, or "burn out" with normal use, and are backed by an industry-leading five year warranty.
Trebor® high-purity chemical pumps, mixers, and deionized water heaters - West Jordan, Utah, est. 1979
Trebor designs and manufactures ultrapure chemical pumps, mixers, and heating systems used in microelectronic device fabrication, high-grade chemical processing, and bulk handling of critical fluids. For 30 years, Trebor has provided solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets where process purity and reliability are of the utmost importance.

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